Barcelona 7-0 Levante Highlights Watch Video & Goals | Spain – Liga BBVA | Date :18 August 2013

18-08-2013 – Barcelona 7-0 Levante

3′ Alexis Sanchez 1-0 // 12′ Lionel Messi 2-0 // 23′ Daniel Alves 3-0 // 26′ Pedro Rodriguez 4-0 // 42′ (pen.) Lionel Messi 5-0 // 45′ Xavi Hernandez 6-0 // 73′ Pedro Rodriguez 7-0Highlights

Pedro looks ahead to new Barca season/

Barcelona forward Pedro looks ahead to new campaign.

SOUNDBITE: (Spanish) Barcelona forward Pedro
“The arrival of Neymar is a source of happiness for us. Because he is one of the best players in the world. To have him among us is good and he will give us a lot of happy moments. And as you said regarding competing to be a regular pick among the forwards all of us are working hard to be among the eleven senior players like we do every year.”

SOUNDBITE: (Spanish) Barcelona forward Pedro
“I think we have enough backups in all positions. We have a great squad with great players as we’ve had in other years. And we have to go step by step and game after game so we can achieve success the way we’ve done in recent years.”

SOUNDBITE: (Spanish) Barcelona forward Pedro
“Real Madrid always have great players in a very good team. They’ve also acquired young and promising players. Real Madrid have always been difficult rivals and deserve the utmost respect every season.”

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