Manchester City 0-1 Wigan Athletic (FA Cup – Final) Highlights Watch Video & Goals | England – English Cups | Date :11 May 2013


Reaction following Wigan’s victory in the FA Cup
90′ 0-1 B. Watson
HighlightsEven by the FA Cup’s giantkilling standards Wigan Athletic entered cup legend today by defeating the mighty Manchester City 1-0 thanks to Ben Watson’s dramatic late header. The last time he was at Wembley in the final of 1960 Wigan owner Dave Whelan left the pitch with a career ending broken leg; this evening he comes full circle and leaves with the trophy itself. Man City players speak to the press before FA Cup final with Wigan.

SOUNDBITE: (English) Vincent Kompany, Manchester City captain (on the FA Cup final):
“I mean, coming from where we come from we have to be respectful of every trophy we get and if we win this one it would be special for the club and it would be something to cherish, for sure.

SOUNDBITE: (English) Vincent Kompany, Manchester City captain (on Wigan Athletic):
“They were one of the more difficult sides to play against this season. I think when they came to the Etihad they – I mean you can see that’s not a team that doesn’t fear to keep possession. When it’s going well for them they’re actually very, very difficult to play against. We’ve got to be careful and we know that offensively they’ve got great players so it’s not going to be an easy game at all.”

SOUNDBITE: (English) Yaya Toure, Manchester City midfielder (on the FA Cup final):
“It will be one more, will be one more. The most important thing for us is to try our best to win this cup you know. We know it’s going to be tight you know because Wigan is a good team. They are in a difficult situation now in the Premier League but I think they will not let this go on because it’s a trophy that’s very important for the club and for the fans.”

SOUNDBITE: (English) James Milner, Manchester City midfielder (on Alex Ferguson’s retirement):
“No more open than whether he was there was next season again. He’s been an amazing manager for them over the years, his record’s absolutely ridiculous. He’s been unreal but like I say we’re concentrating on our side and we’re bitterly disappointed with how the league’s gone this year. The main thing is that we can try and win a piece of silverware at the weekend. Do that and then, as you say, take the momentum of hopefully winning another trophy into next season and have a good league campaign.”




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